At Cobras Karate we teach Traditional Shotokan Karate to children and adults. The karate classes are held in Alberton and the Motto of the Cobras Karate Club is: “Where karate is not only taught, but also understood, perfected and applied inside and outside of the dojo”.
Our instructors are:

Sensei Laurent
sensei laurent alberton
• 7th Dan Black Belt
• SASKA Shihan Kai member
• SASKA Chairman
• WUKF Africa – Vice President
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Sensei Nicholas
sensei nick alberton
• 6th Dan Black Belt
• SASKA Shihan Kai member
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Cobras Karate continue to train – Gashuku held in October 2020(see News section for video)

Article in tame Times ALBERTON – 2019

WUKF World Championship Medals – 2013see

Shotokan Karate is not only trained in the Dojo…..