Medals for Alberton Karateka

All Styles Karate, Stallion Championships 22 August 2015

The Cobras Shotokan karate club in Brackenhurst recently took part in the All Styles karate Stallion Championships held in Pretoria on 22 August 2015. Eleven students from the club took part and they brought back a total of 22 medals: 15 Gold, 6 Silver
and 1 Bronze.

karate medal winnersFront (Left to Right):
Liana Gouveia (2 x Gold), Bokamoso Makhene (2 x Silver), Tiana Figueiredo (1 x Gold, 1 Bronze), Waydon Joemath (1 x Gold, 1 x Silver).

Row 2 (Left to Right):
Sensei Nicholas Gaston-Bellegarde (Instructor), Gadge Warne (2 x Gold), Samukelisiwe Madonsela (2 x gold), Darshal Chinia (1x Gold), Dario Gouveia (2 x Gold), Sensei Laurent Gaston-Bellegarde (Instructor).

Back (Left to Right):
Andrea Kolkenbeck-Ruh (Instructor), Brandon Rossouw (2 x silver),
Nikita Figueiredo (3 x Gold)

Absent: Reatlegile Moleleki-Modiane (1 x Silver)

2015 SASKA National Champs

2015 SASKA National Karate ChampsThe Cobras Shotokan karate club in Brackenhurst recently took part in the 2015 SASKA Nationals and WUKF Africa Invitational Championships, held in the Western Cape on 10 & 11 April 2015. It was a hugely successful tournament with over 300 competitors taking part with even some international representation from the Argentinian team which attended.

The students of the Cobras club did extremely well and brought back a total of 59 medals amongst the 23 competitors that took part (31 Gold, 17 Silver and 11 Bronze Medals). The Club also won the Strongest Club Title with the most Gold medals at the tournament and Sensei Andrea Kolkenbeck-ruh was award the Best Lady’s Trophy, for her 4 x Gold and 1 x Silver medals achieved.